Call Center Performance

Optimize your organization’s call center performance while increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing costs.

Call Center Performance

Proven Call Center Expertise in All Areas of Call Center Management:

Recruiting – It all begins with having the right people. Let us help your team consistently attract, identify, and hire the right talent who will be consistently aligned with the role and the culture you want to create.

Customer Service, Satisfaction and Retention – Delivering low-effort experiences to your customers is proven to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction and we know customer retention is critical to company growth. Let us help you deliver a Customer Service strategy that increases Customer Satisfaction, referrals and retains more customers for life.

Sales – Implementing effective sales strategies is the key to sustainable growth, improving your revenue opportunities and your bottom line. Your call center is the face of your company and the gateway to the rest of your company. We know every lead is important. Let us help you create a “buck stops here” approach to converting leads, improve your closing ratios & increase your average dollar per sale.

Employee Engagement and Retention – Happy employees make happy customers. Our slogan is “Optimizing Performance Through Employee Engagement” because lack of engagement, alignment, and attrition carry a tremendous cost in both dollars and effectiveness in any organization. Let us help you design a consistent approach throughout your organization that delivers an engaged workforce that freely promotes your company as their ”company of choice” and understands how their individual efforts directly contribute to the success of the company.

Supervisor & Team Management – Supervisors and managers who know how to effectively manage, motivate, and develop their team is critical to having effective organizational alignment with your goals, values, and culture. Even one leader that is not aligned with the culture you’re trying to create can destroy your employee’s perception of the entire company. Let us help you ensure those at the leadership level are effectively supporting both the employees you want to retain and the culture you want to create.

Process Improvement – Aligning your processes and streamlining your workflows to inclusively improve performance will considerably drive efficiencies and reduce costs. Let us help your teams take a fresh look at your key processes to eliminate redundancies and improve efficiency.

Quality Monitoring – Evaluating the key components that have the biggest impact on consistent performance improvement is critical to delivering a great customer experience and ensuring your company’s needs are met on every interaction. Let us help you align your Quality program with your company’s top objectives.

Training – From New Hire Training and “Teaching Moments” programs to Employee Development programs that create your bench strength for future growth, let us help you create effective and efficient training programs that maximize your investment.

Coaching – Creating the right habits requires effective and consistent coaching. The most effective coaching occurs when coaches speak with their team members not at them. Let us help you create effective coaching programs and techniques that establish the right habits and behaviors that are aligned with your company’s goals and values.

Rewards and Recognition – Financial spot awards are fine but can be short-lived. Let us help you design a comprehensive program that will deliver consistent results that are sustainable in the long term and are aligned with your company’s key objectives.

Workforce Management – Maximizing the productivity of your workforce requires a fine balance of accurate forecasting, call flow design, and effective real-time management. Let us help you design a workforce management strategy to accomplish the proper balance to support all your operational objectives.

Call Center Buildouts and Expansions – Having a great place to work all starts with a great work environment. Whether it’s tweaking your existing space, expanding your location, or building a site from scratch, let us help you design your location to create the optimal work environment.

Systems Selection – Having the right tools to support both your customers and your employees can maximize productivity and efficiency while significantly reducing both customer and employee frustration. Let us help your team identify and select the best tools to accomplish your objectives at the right price for your organization.

BPO Vendor Management – Outsourcing is common in many companies and it’s critical they become a natural extension of your service. After all, they’re representing your company to your customers. Let us help you put the correct BPO management strategy in place to ensure a consistent customer experience at the right costs.

Omni Channel Support – It’s important to design your customer experience so customers can easily connect with your company in the manner of their choosing and can seamlessly transition from one channel to another without losing their place. Let us help you ensure that all the channels you provide create the customer experience you desire.

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